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Brendon Burchard speaking at my event Internet Prophets LIVE!
If you know that you were meant and made for something EXTRAORDINARY ... keep reading.  

If you would love to have expert, affordable guidance and a firm (but loving!) accountability partner to hold your feet to the fire so you can accomplish your desired business goals and objectives... keep reading.

If you would like to earn a LOT more money sharing your Gift with those you are most compelled to serve... keep reading.

I want you to take a moment and imagine how your life and business would be different if you:

1. Received personal, detailed guidance from a 25+ year entrepreneur who has built FOUR multi-million dollar businesses.

2. Were held accountable for realizing your desired level of income and bringing your BIGGEST business dreams to fruition. And,

3. Were kept current on, and learned how to take advantage of (and implement), today's PROVEN tools, tactics, strategies and shortcuts for building your business...

Do you think your life and your business would be massively different? You bet!

If you're tired of going at it alone, always trying to figure out what works and what doesn't by yourself and know you could benefit from surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs and 'Icons of Influence' who WANT to help you succeed.... you're on this page for a reason. 
Hi! I'm Steve Olsher. If we've met before, then hello again! If we haven't, then welcome --
I'm glad you're here. 
As an entrepreneur, internet pioneer who launched on CompuServe's Electronic Mall in 1993, founder of, the New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT?, podcast host of the #1 rated show, Reinvention Radio, Found and Editor-In-Chief of Podcast Magazine, and creator of four multimillion-dollar companies, I understand what it takes to build a successful business from scratch.

And, after decades of interviewing, forging joint venture partnerships, sharing the stage, being mentored by and developing meaningful, personal relationships with many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, I also understand that entrepreneurial success is a repeatable process that ANYONE can learn if they have the right guidance. 
Lewis Howes & Joel Comm at my event Internet Prophets LIVE!
Steve Olsher Shark Tank Kevin Harrington
An original Shark and creator of the infomercial Kevin Harrington
ClickFunnels creator Russell Brunson at Internet Prophets LIVE!
Justin Livingston, Bill Baren, me & Rich German masterminding
Celebrating Christian Mickelsen's birthday with Bret Gregory
Masterminding With Rich German, Justin Livingston, Bill Baren, Milana Leshinsky, Lisa Sasevich, Ted McGrath & Sage Lavine
Michael E. Gerber, Author of The E-Myth, Hanging With The Reinvention Radio Crew
What Makes BlasterMind Different? 
Quite A Bit!
Take A Look At What EVERY BlasterMind Member Receives: 
  • Direct access to me via monthly, LIVE training sessions. (Yup. We'll cover a wide range of today's most important business tactics, strategies and best practices. See below for details.) 
  • ​​These monthly, LIVE training sessions also include ample time for Q&A and hot seat coaching where you can receive immediate feedback on pressing issues and be held ACCOUNTABLE for moving your business forward... (Yup. I SEE you and I'll do everything I can to ensure the world does too.)
  • ​​24/7 access to a PRIVATE, non-judgmental forum to have your business questions answered by a diverse collective of forward-thinking game changers... (Yup. Imagine having constant access to knowledgeable entrepreneurs across the globe who WANT to help you however they can!)
  • 50% off, and guaranteed access to, ALL NEW online training courses released by Bold Enterprises (my company)... (Yup, and we've got some VERY helpful trainings being released -- including CLOSING FROM THE STAGE -- this benefit alone could be worth thousands of dollars in savings for you!)
Join us for our monthly LIVE training/Q&A/'Hot Seat' sessions! Here's a highlight of the topics I personally cover. PLUS, we periodically bring in special speakers to cover an even wider array of topics. 
  • Discovering, and being able to clearly articulate, your WHAT (If you struggle to explain who you are and what you do, you'll struggle to GENERATE REVENUE -- it's just that simple) 
  • Reinventing your life and honing in on what TRULY puts fire in your soul (I've helped THOUSANDS of people transition from Point A to Point B in their lives -- I can definitely help you too)
  • Understanding, and stepping through, the tech you need to make your first dollar, or crush it, online (It's MUCH EASIER than you think -- you just need me to show you what to do)
  • Selling strategies, landing your first clients, booking 'strategy' calls and mastering enrollment conversations (These teachings alone could easily represent a SIX FIGURE SHIFT for your business)
  • ​Marketing to today's attention span challenged consumers using email, social media and proven NO COST strategies (Attracting and maintaining interest is so harder now than it has ever been)
  • ​Leveraging (and monetizing!) the power of Podcasting both as a host AND as a guest (I've been podcasting and appearing on shows since 2009. I'll show you how to take advantage of EVERYTHING this incredibly powerful medium has to offer) 
  • Hosting lucrative live events, workshops, seminars and retreats (Learn how to generate SERIOUS revenue before the doors even open and easily and consistently enroll ideal attendees into relevant products, programs and services)
  • Putting the power of live, and automated, webinars to work for you and your business (Automated webinars run and generate sales for you AUTOMAGICALLY 24/7/365
  • Book writing, publishing and marketing strategies (I've self-published, been published by both a hybrid and a traditional publisher and put my last book on the NY Times list. Yes. I can help you!)
  • ​Landing, and structuring, public speaking gigs (From lead only presentations to speak-to-sell, and buying stage time to TEDx ... I've done it ALL!)
  • Affiliate marketing and attracting Joint Venture partners (Legions of people are chompin' at the bit to sell your products, programs and services FOR YOU!)​
  • Online course creation and sales (You absolutely can get paid WELL for packaging and sharing your expertise. I'll teach you precisely what to do) 
  • Launching and operating your own monthly membership program (People will happily INVEST to have access to you and your expertise)
  • How to turn EVERY visibility opportunity into revenue with The  $1,000 Podcast Funnel (For over five years, I've been using the SAME, automated 3-step online funnel that NEVER fails to generate leads and revenue -- I'll share exactly what we do... so you can too!)
  • Securing mainstream media appearances (I've appeared on CNN, Fox Business, The Huffington Post, the cover of Foundr Magazine, 300+ terrestrial radio shows and countless other media outlets. You'll learn how to get booked on the platforms you MOST want to appear on)
  • Proven traffic generation strategies (Visibility is the lifeblood of your business. Without sufficient eyeballs and eardrums on your offerings, in short order, you won't be in business. I'll share what's working NOW for generating no cost and low cost traffic)
  • Productivity, time management and organizational skills (I currently own THREE 7-figure+ businesses... and work just 3 days per week. I'll share my strategies for optimizing your schedule to generate MORE revenue, freedom & happiness.)
  • Raising Capital (Need capital to grow? I've raised OVER $30M for my businesses. From convertible debt to venture capital and more, I can guide you to raise the money you need... the right way!)
Nowhere else will you find this degree of guidance for such a reasonable investment... 
(I, along with other BIG-HEARTED entrepreneurs, want to help you! Join us!)
Ready to Become a 'Blaster'? Get Started Now!
Plug In. Power Up. Watch The Ideas... And The Money Flow.
Mike Koenigs Show
With Mike Koenigs on The Mike Koenigs Show
Allison Maslan Allie & You Steve Olsher
On The Allie & You Show With Allison Maslan
And, just in case you need a few more compelling reasons to become a BLASTER, we've made it super easy for you to say "YES!" because all BlasterMind members also receive:
  • Access to the RECORDINGS of all of the live sessions. If you're not able to join us live for our monthly, online get togethers (or miss a few here or there), no worries! We've got ya covered... Yup. The recordings of all of our sessions will be made available to you in our private, members-only learning portal.
  • Access to my PROVEN NETWORK of world-class marketing professionals, virtual assistants, graphic designers, online business managers and others... Yup. No more searching around and wasting your precious time, energy and resources on unproven vendors. Need someone? Just ask me. I'll make an intro.
  • Access to the BEST AVAILABLE PRICING on the tools you need to crush it online... Yup. I'll share the EXACT tools we use to fuel our 7-figure+ business and make sure you get the lowest price currently available if you choose to incorporate these tools into your business!    
  • ​And, check out one of the BIGGEST benefits below... :) 
Product Launch King Jeff Walker Steve Olsher
With 'Product Launch King' Jeff Walker
TEDx Wake Forest
Speaking at TEDx Wake Forest
Barack Obama Steve Olsher
You might recognize this guy... :)
If you're wondering why I keep showing pictures of who I know, it's because I want you to gain a solid understanding of the people in my circles.
And... it's because one of the BIG BONUSES I offer when you become a 'Blaster' (and I've never seen ANYONE offer this) is...
Once per year, you can ask me for an introduction to ONE of the people in my circles!
That's correct... after every 12 months that you're a BlasterMind member, you can ask me for a personal introduction to someone I know that you'd like to meet!
It could be someone on this page, a guest we've had on either Reinvention Radio, someone who has spoken at one of my live events, someone in one of these photos... or... ? Name 'em and, if I know 'em well, I'll make the intro!
Just ONE introduction could mean thousands upon thousands of dollars of additional revenue for your business!  
OK! Let's recap everything that is included in your BlasterMind membership... for just $67/month!
  • Detailed, monthly LIVE training sessions
  • The opportunity to ask your questions, sit on the 'Hot Seat' and be held accountable for moving your business forward
  • 24/7 access to our private, non-judgmental community forum
  • ​50% off all new training courses, including CLOSING FROM THE STAGE!
  • ​Access to all of the recordings from the live training sessions
  • ​Access to my proven network of professionals (e.g. Graphic designers)
  • ​The best available pricing on the tools you need to crush it online
  • ​And, one introduction to someone in my network after every 12 months!
All for just for $67/month! 
Hopefully, you can see the incredible value and extraordinary benefits BlasterMind offers and are ready to say YES! 
Click the button below now to join us.  
Perhaps you're alllllmmmmooossst ready to join us, but aren't completely sure if BlasterMind is right for you. 
Here are answers to questions we've received that should help put your mind at ease about joining our community of entrepreneurs:
Q. "I live in Switzerland and would love to be part of the BlasterMind! community but I'm not sure if it's viable due to the time-difference. I can't really imagine being part of a group that meets at 4AM my time or being in a 'hot seat' at that time either. What do you think?" 

A. Thanks for your interest in BlasterMind. We hear ya! 4AM would DEFINITELY not be an ideal time to be sitting in the 'hot seat'! Because members of our community are located across the globe, we will offer various times to accommodate as many different time zones as we can. Some may fall during those off hours. Some will fall at times that work perfectly for you. All sessions will be recorded and made available in the membership portal.

Q. "I am trying to understand exactly what I get when I join the BlasterMind community. For example, do I just submit a business question and then "somebody" answers it? Won't they need more information to fully understand context, etc...?" 

A. Included in your membership is an invitation-only, private Facebook group for BlasterMind members where questions, ideas, feedback, concerns, etc. can be posted. Any community member can provide feedback and add to the 'string'. Because of the diverse nature of our community, you will gain MANY different perspectives on ways to move forward and insight as to best practices, what to do, not to do, etc. Of course, as feedback comes in, you'll be able to provide additional context, more information and so forth. 

Q. "You reference several times that the investment is just $67/month. Will that change?"

A. No. So long as you stay a member, you will only pay $67/month. However, once we reach 500 members, the investment will be $87/month for the next 200 and $97/month for everyone thereafter. I wholeheartedly believe in rewarding those who take decisive action. When you sign up now, you will get in at the lowest monthly investment we offer.  

Q. "When you say that you'll make an introduction to someone you know well after I've been a 'Blaster' for 12 months, how exactly does that work and can I request to be connected to literally anyone and you'll do it once every 12 months? Thanks for the clarification as this could be huge for me."

A. YES! After you are a 'Blaster' for 12 months (and every 12 months thereafter), I will personally introduce you (via email) to one person who I know well that you want to meet. Over the last 12 years, I've developed meaningful relationships with people in the podcasting, writing, speaking, personal growth, venture capital, live event and many other industries. If I know them, I'm happy to make an introduction! That said, I cannot lawfully guarantee that they'll respond or have an interest in connecting with you. You will, however, be cc'd on the email and can follow up as you deem appropriate moving forward. And, yes, you can ask for one introduction EVERY 12 months. 
What else do you need to hear to say "YES"? How about a 'no-questions-asked/cancel at any time' 100% satisfaction guarantee?
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
You got it!
Yup. If BlasterMind fails to exceed your expectations, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked (though we'll likely ask you why you want to leave the group so we can improve the BlasterMind experience for current, and future, members).  
Ok... It's decision time. Look, you came this far down the page so it's clear you're interested. Why not join us for the fun and become a 'Blaster' by clicking the button below
Of course, you can continue to go at it alone. While I certainly don't recommend this path, I have full confidence in you (after all, you're clearly fired up to share your Gifts with the world and monetize your expertise -- that's why you're in my community in the first place!) and I know that you'll eventually get to where you want to go... but wouldn't you like to get there FASTER?! 
BlasterMind can help you get there in lightning speed and we hope you'll choose to join us.
We'd love to have you as a part of our community and look forward to having you on board as a 'Blaster'
Please click the button below to enroll and we'll see you inside!
PS - If you have any questions about BlasterMind please email us here

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